Bristol House claim form

Bristol House inventory form

UPDATED: 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 9, 2019

It has been about 18 hours since a sprinkler head was broken by a Frisbee thrown in a hallway in Bristol House. We have made great progress over the course of last night and today thanks to many students and staff working together. Although the damage was not caused by a malicious act, the Frisbee broke the sprinkler head and caused significant inconvenience and damage. Please keep Frisbees outside in the future!

I wish to sincerely thank the students in Bristol House who have worked with our Residence Life staff to find alternative accommodations as a result of this event. I also want to thank the Residence Life staff and Facilities staff for their tireless efforts to provide outstanding service to those students who were affected. We also thank our faculty and academic leadership for their efforts to ensure that no students are adversely impacted by this event academically.

Student Affairs will send out an email shortly providing a schedule for removal of personal belongings tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday. Our hope is to close Bristol House on Sunday so that the restoration crews can remove wet ceiling tile, wall board, and carpet. If any students need to move out on Sunday, please make individual arrangements with Residence Life staff today or tomorrow.

Finally, the normal process is that our insurance company would require affected individuals to use their homeowners’ insurance before the university policy would pay personal loss.  However, in this instance Bryant University will reimburse individuals directly and not require anyone to go through the sometimes burdensome process of filing a homeowner’s claim. We ask students to be honest, validate claims, and submit them on the form that will be sent with a subsequent email.

Our goal is to reimburse students/parents within two week of receipts of our forms when there is no reasonable question as to loss. Please submit only one form with all claims for reimbursement.

Again, thank you all for your patience and willingness to work together in such a collegial manner.  PLEASE, if you do not have an alternative accommodation for tonight, contact Student Life immediately.

Thank you.

President Machtley