Updates to Center for Teaching Excellence Transition to Online Teaching

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To assist faculty in making the transition to online teaching, Bryant has secured 24/7 support for Blackboard, Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom. You can contact this support service via the following methods:

These services are available to students as well, so please add this information to your Blackboard course site to serve as a quick reference for yourself and your students.

  • If you have any questions regarding Blackboard support, please contact the CTS Helpdesk x6111 or via email at helpdesk@bryant.edu
  • If your students have any questions, please have them contact Laptop Central  x6550 or via email at laptopcentral@bryant.edu

ZOOM is an online conferencing tool offering audio and video communications, screen sharing, and other collaboration tools. Zoom licenses are available at https://bryant.zoom.us/, You will be given a basic license initially, then email cte@bryant.edu and request a full license that will enable long duration sessions and class-sized audiences.

Zoom Training can also be found at the following.

All faculty are enrolled in Teaching Online in a Pinch, developed by Bryant’s Online Learning Team. Please complete the modules as soon as possible. This site also contains a faculty -wide discussion board where faculty can share their progress and ideas as they transition their courses. Please subscribe to this board and share your tips and experiences with this transition.

The University has prepared a resource for all Bryant students as we make the shift to online classes for the near term. When students log in to Blackboard, they will see a new course in their list, Learning Online in a Pinch. Here they will find a self-paced module full of strategies for success in this modality, resources from ACE, the library, and Laptop Central, and links to other helpful websites and printable guides. All faculty are asked to make sure that their students access and make use of this important resource. 

Bryant has secured licenses for Respondus Monitor, an automated proctoring system for online exams. Respondus offers daily online webinars for training, see https://web.respondus.com/webinars/. Respondus offers resources at https://web.respondus.com/he/monitor/resources/. We will be creating resource materials and links to support services within the next 24 hours at http://cte/bryant.edu/respondus,


The above information is also referenced at http://cte.bryant.edu/continuity