Information for residential students

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As stated in President Machtley’s recent email, we have developed procedures to allow you to safely retrieve the belongings you still have in your residence hall in the event that we are not able to open the campus again before the end of the semester.  A final decision on reopening the campus will be made on or before April 17.  However, because you may be in a situation where it is advantageous for you to move your things out of your Bryant room now regardless of the decision on April 17, we urge you to consider that alternative.  We know this is a difficult time and resulting decision on move out but we want each student to make their own decision based on their particular situation.  We have worked hard to develop procedures that will facilitate the move-out process while adhering to social distancing guidelines giving everyone maximum flexibility to accomplish move out. 

Step 1 – You can schedule a date and time to move out by completing this application.  Even if the campus opens for the last two weeks, there is a significant advantage of clearing out now and returning later with only two weeks’ worth of gear.  As we all know some states with growing cases of Coronavirus may not be allowed back into the state of Rhode Island in the future. Waiting until April 17 could theoretically put your chances of returning if you reside in one of those states after April 17 in jeopardy. All requests must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the date you anticipate returning to campus.  Students will only be permitted to bring two guests to assist with the move-out.  Students who reside in a state where a “Shelter in Place” order is active will not be able to make an appointment to move-out until the order is lifted in their home state. 

Step 2 – Residential Life staff will review your request and confirm the date and time for your arrival and that you are not a health risk.  It is imperative that you arrive on the date and time for which you have been approved.  Only students with a confirmed move-out application will be allowed to return to campus.  This is necessary in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines and minimize the risk to our community.  When your application is approved, you will also receive a parking pass which must be printed and placed on your dashboard when you arrive to campus.  Do not show up to campus without a pass or you will not be allowed to enter.

Step 3 – Students who return to campus will only be allowed to go directly to their own room, pack up and depart.  Students will not be allowed to visit other students who may be on campus, other rooms or other facilities on campus. There will be no service of food on campus and you should be aware that all restaurants in RI have been ordered by the Governor to stop serving.  So we recommend you bring your own food if you are traveling from a distance.  All items must be removed from your room, suite, or townhouse.  All students will participate in express check-out and will sign out via the door tag on their room door. 

Step 4 – Before leaving campus, you will need to return your key in the envelope provided.  Please deposit the envelope with your key in the drop box at Entry Control as you leave campus.

Step 5- If you cannot return to campus to retrieve your personal belongings

If you are abroad or for whatever reason cannot return to campus now or before the end of the academic year to retrieve your personal belongings you must advise Residential Life at, who will make appropriate arrangements to pack up your belongings and put them in storage until you can retrieve them.

We will have a supply of boxes, tape, and trash bags available in each residential area as well as laundry carts to assist with your move-out.

All students must complete the move out no later than Saturday, May 16th at 3:00 p.m.  If you are unable to return to campus to move-out by this date, please contact the Office of Residential Life at or 401-232-6140 for assistance and information regarding packing, shipping, or storing your belongings.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time. 


Inge-Lise Ameer

Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students