FAQ / Access to personal items

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To protect the health of our community and visitors, Bryant is proactively taking steps to mitigate the future risk of virus on campus and ensure that all members of the Bryant community stay safe and as healthy as possible during this escalating global health situation.


· Is Bryant open?

The Bryant University campus is open and administrative offices are open. At this time, all classes are exclusively online.

Effective immediately, students will be allowed to reside on campus overnight only with the explicit permission of the Vice President for Student Affairs. This permission may be requested by submitting the permission request form with a detailed explanation of the reason(s) for any overnight stays. A special residential ID will be issued to any individual whose request for permission has been granted. Students who remain on campus overnight without the requisite permit will be subject to immediate suspension. Here is the link to the permission request form: https://bryant.campuslabs.com/engage/submitter/form/start/394549

This will limit the exposure of students, faculty, and staff and will prevent many non COVID-19 cases with similar symptoms that would require affected individuals to go into isolation.

· How can I get items from my room?

Students will be allowed to return to campus for brief visits to retrieve personal items (but no overnights without a permit).

If there are essential items that you need to collect from your room but you cannot get to campus, please contact Residence Life at reslife@bryant.edu for assistance.

How may I remove items before the end of the academic year?

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Inge-Lise Ameer will be providing guidelines for students who wish to return to campus to remove any remaining belongings prior to the end of the academic year.  The procedure will involve students applying online to return to campus on a specific date and at a specific time.  This will allow us to create a schedule that will maintain necessary social distancing practices.  Anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms, or who has been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Coronavirus, should advise us of this fact and we will arrange for your belongings to be packed and stored until you are healthy and able to return for them.  We will also pack and store the belonging of any students who have returned to their homes abroad or in distant states and are unable to return prior to the end of the semester.  We will also temporarily restrict from campus – in accordance with the current directives of the RI Governor – anyone from New York or any other state experiencing a significant outbreak of the virus.  Our principal goal is to ensure the health and safety of our community – particularly the 119 students who are currently residing on campus – as well as the returning students and their families who are picking up personal items.

· How can I get help with online learning?

While classes are delivered online, students should be able to log in from anywhere. If you do not have your Bryant laptop with you, you can use any desktop or laptop that you have access to or can borrow.

If you need an overview and primer on the use of Blackboard, or other online learning, review the resources available through Bryant’s Center for Teaching Excellence, cte.bryant.edu. Professors will be contacting all students and you can correspond directly through them with any difficulties.

Students can also contact Laptop Central for assistance, laptopcentral@bryant.edu, (401) 232-6550.

*COVID-19 has presented colleges and universities across the country with unprecedented and rapidly evolving circumstances. To protect the safety and well-being of the Bryant community, Bryant University’s policies and procedures are subject to change as the situation progresses. Please check this site regularly for the most updated information.