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In a follow-up to President Machtley’s March 10 and 12 communications regarding the University’s plan to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), this post provides faculty with additional guidance on work arrangements should you fall ill this season or need an alternative work arrangement.

What should faculty do if they become ill or need to take a leave?

If you become ill with a sore throat, fever or cold symptoms, or have received medical advice to be isolated for a specified period of time, please immediately discuss (preferably via phone or email if you are symptomatic) the matter with your Dean to identify the best work arrangement for your safety, the safety of your colleagues, and the operational needs of the University. You are encouraged to explore alternative work arrangements — whether to care for yourself or for a family member who must be isolated for a specified period of time — by coordinating with your manager and Human Resources.

If your position is needed on campus to support the University’s operations, or an alternative work arrangement cannot be established, and you have been directed by a medical practitioner, the Department of Health, or the University to remain isolated for a specified period of time, please discuss the situation with your Dean and Human Resources.

In addition, the University provides a variety of leaves of absence, and you and your Dean can discuss which leave of absence is most applicable to your situation with Human Resources.

For questions related to alternative work arrangements or leaves of absence, please contact Human Resources via at HR_Private@Bryant.edu or contact your HR Business Partner directly:

Division HR Partner Contact Information
Academic Affairs Cathy Currie Erika Paquette ccurrie@bryant.edu epaquett@bryant.edu


Employees are encouraged to continue to take the following steps to control the spread of viruses, including the coronavirus:

  • Contact your health care provider if you experience symptoms:  If you experience shortness of breath, a cough, or fever, please inform your Dean and contact your health care provider. Please do not report back to work until you either receive documentation from a healthcare provider with a return to work date, or you have been symptom free (no coughing, fever, trouble breathing or sore throat) without fever reducing medication for 24 hours. Faculty should contact Human Resources prior to returning to work. 
  • Sign up for Doctors Online:  As a reminder, faculty and their covered family members who are enrolled in the University’s health insurance plans have access to telemedicine services through Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Doctors Online program. This program provides you with on-line access to a certified health care provider through a phone or virtual consultation.  For additional information, please access the following link: https://my.bryant.edu/resources/human-resources/Doctors%20Online%20FAQ.pdf .
  • Take steps to prevent spreading the virus.  Even if you don’t have symptoms of the virus, but have been exposed to the following situations, please promptly notify your Dean and Human Resources to discuss an appropriate course of action:
    • If you have been in direct contact with someone who has been exposed to the virus.
    • If you have been in contact with someone who has traveled to a restricted country or region in the US (Check on the CDC web-site, https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel for up to date information on travel notices)
    • If you have travelled internationally, traveled on a cruise ship, or to a restricted region in the US. (Check on the CDC web-site, https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel for up to date information on travel notices)
  • Practice healthy habits.

*COVID-19 has presented colleges and universities across the country with unprecedented and rapidly evolving circumstances. To protect the safety and well-being of the Bryant community, Bryant University’s policies and procedures are subject to change as the situation progresses. Please check this site regularly for the most updated information.