Comprehensive policy on student textbooks

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For students living within reasonably convenient traveling distance:

Bryant University will remain open. Students will be allowed to return to campus for brief visits to retrieve personal items, such as books. (But no overnights will be permitted without a permit.)

Our recommendation is that students should avail themselves of this opportunity sooner rather than later as this policy is subject to change.

For students living outside reasonably convenient traveling distance:

  • Faculty are working to put maximum allowable portions of textbooks on Blackboard as copyright law permits.
  • While the Krupp Library cannot digitize textbooks or videos due to copyright concerns, the library staff can assist you in locating alternative textbook chapters or articles through already licensed databases, eBooks or open educational resources. Additionally, faculty have been advised that the library can investigate streaming media options for students if applicable to the course curriculum.
  • Sam Simas of the Krupp Library’s staff is monitoring publishers’ policies on textbook copying for any possible liberalization during Covid-19 crisis and we will notify students if there are changes.
  • Faculty are working with the Center for Teaching Excellence and Director of Online Learning to implement pedagogical solutions that minimize reliance on textbooks.
  • Deans are inquiring about the possibility book rentals via Amazon to potentially make them available to students.
  • Faculty are reaching out to publishers regarding electronic access to books.

This is a fluid and evolving situation, subject to abrupt change.  We will make every effort to notify students in a timely fashion if there are changes or updates.