FAQ: Graduate Programs Fall 2020 Return to Campus

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  • Will Graduate Programs return to face-to-face meetings in the Fall 2020 semester?

Yes, the plan is for graduate programs to resume face-to-face meetings beginning in the Fall of 2020. Please note that graduate programs will adhere to University, CDC and WHO guidelines for social distancing and sanitation.

  • When will classes begin?

Graduate programs will begin alongside undergraduate classes as of August 25. Classes will start on Aug 25, with an end date of Nov. 13, and include a Final examination period of Nov. 14-24.

  • Will classes be the same?

You will still have the same world-class faculty and outstanding peers. In terms of class format, we will have you in person as frequently as possible. Again, we are committed to adhering to relevant guidelines, including cleaning and social distancing. Based on current guidance, this means that classrooms will be disinfected regularly, and students will be spaced six feet apart. While classrooms have not yet been assigned, this may mean that some students will participate remotely on some days, while others participate in person, on a rotating basis.

  • What technology will be available?

We are committed to providing the highest quality educational experience for our graduate students. Each classroom will include remote lecture capacity including cameras and microphones in order for classes to be broadcast remotely. Slides will be shared and instructors will use document cameras as needed. Classes will be recorded as well.

  • What if I get sick?

Each day before coming to campus, you will be required to complete a short survey on banner. If you are not feeling well, we ask that you stay at home. If you are still able to participate in class, you are encouraged to do so remotely until you are well again. We will be prepared to accommodate you using technology listed above.

Extended illnesses (COVID-19 or otherwise) will be handled on a case-by-case basis per normal university guidelines. Accommodations may include an incomplete grade for the course.

  • What if other students are sick?

Every student will be required to complete a short survey on banner before coming to class. If students are ill, we ask that they stay home. If a student who is ill comes to class, faculty will request that the student leave campus and participate remotely until they are well again. If you notice a student who is obviously unwell, you are encouraged to notify your instructor.

  • I am an international student. What if I cannot get clearance to come to campus in time for classes?

We want you to know how much we need your participation in our programs. Your unique experiences and perspectives add significantly to discussions and the tenor of the class. If you are unable to get clearance to come to campus, you will be allowed to participate remotely until you receive clearance, using the technology outlined above. For specific concerns, please contact Kaoru Paganelli at (401) 232-6955 or by email at: kpaganel@bryant.edu.

  • Will the Global Immersion Experience be a part of the MBA program this year?

It is our strong hope that we will be able to travel as we have in the past. We have had several discussions with partners throughout the world who are ready to help facilitate the experience. However, we may need to modify or alter the format of the experience based on health concerns as we get closer to the date of the trip. We will continue to provide updates as we have them. As we make decisions, the safety of our students, faculty and staff remains our highest priority.

  • What is the grading policy?

While a P/F policy was in place for the Spring 2020 semester during our unexpected transition to remote learning, this policy has been discontinued. Graduate Programs will return to a traditional letter grade system for the fall semester.

  • Besides social distancing, are there other safety requirements?

Yes. Everyone entering the campus will be required to complete a “Health Tracker Questionnaire” that is available for download from Bryant website. In addition, students will be required to wear face masks while on campus (including while in class). Faculty may be required to stand behind plexiglass while lecturing.  Frequent handwashing will be encouraged, and hand sanitizer stations will be provided at several areas on campus.